4-Star Retailing

Tier3 has created a platform that helps retailers sell-through wine/spirits/beer products.

We call it 4-star retailing, and it leverages the consumer’s knowledge of evaluating product quality. Learn More.


Producers Distributors Retailers

The industry is changing.

  • Antiquated 100pt ratings.
  • Treasure-hunt and FIND, great products.
  • Amazon has arrived and is moving at light-speed.
  • Our industry is moving at vintage-speed.
  • Big Brands face a Big Brand Dilemma.
  • Private Labels are getting more traction.
  • The “New Buyer” has new tools and new ways of buying.

The channel is consolidating and some producers and distributors are being left out.

What's Your Strategy for 2020?

At Tier3 we’ve blended proven ideas of yesterday with innovative and successful ideas of 21st century including:

We’ve constructed The Tier3 Platform that benefits everyone involved in the three-tier distribution channel; see Producers, Distributors and Retailers.

Our Affiliates’ World Today

  • 20 States serviced.
  • 26,000+ retail locations.
  • 3,500,000 cases shipped annually.

View our footprint.