Social Media Pedigree

Today buyers expect web-available product-details to help them make purchasing decisions.

We don’t mean a website for your business, but a page for each product which links to social-media that proves the product is worth buying.

A “Complete Web-Pedigree” for today’s world

  • Reviews and ratings
  • A YouTube video review
  • A YouTube video on the “story behind the product”
  • A Social Media pages
  • A product web page
  • Buyer’s blog

What should be Digital-Wrappers contain?

Digital-Wrappers are different depending on the product itself. If you don’t have a Digital-Wrapper around your product, you’ll be hard pressed to compete in the future.

For wine/spirits/beer the digital-wrapper should, at least, consist of:

  • Front-story for a Interactive-POS shelf talker
  • An Expanded story that is linked to from the Shelf Talker
  • On the expanded story page there should be links to:
    • Product Reviews
    • The winemaker’s story
    • The winery story
    • The product’s story
  • A YouTube video discussion about the product
  • Links to using the product, e.g. decanting, tasting, what to look for
  • Links to the best ways to experience the product through pairing, recipes etc.
  • Anything you can think of that sets the product apart!

Using Tier3, you can construct your Digital-Wrapper elements and make them available to your entire sales channel. It’s easy to do and your social media staff can make it happen.

If you’d like professional help creating Digital-Wrappers for you products,  contact us at Tier3 and we can assign one of our Digital-Wrapper experts to assist you.