Extend Your Retail Footprint
With Discovery-Brand Placements

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With Tier3’s Discovery-Brand sell-through platform, you can gain access to a new source of order flow and participate in a program that helps your retailers enhance margin and drive incremental sales. Using Tier3’s Web-integrated Retailing, you can:

Your "Unfair" Sales Advantage

When your sales rep calls on a retailer with the Tier3 program, they arrive with a much bigger story than simply “another great $12 Merlot”.

You can position yourself as a thought leader with a strategy for 2020 by “Morphing the Wine Wall” to Discovery-Label products.  You also help your customers coexist with Amazon as they gain market place traction.

Win Multiple Placements

Not only can you win new placements with Tier3 you can win multiple placement slots in each retail location. Your retailers want to improve sell-through and bring consumers back to the store. With Tier3 you can create multiple placements for each Wine DNA you target. Read more

This is a system of “increasing returns” for your retailer. Here’s why. When a consumer purchases a wine that is featured on a store-branded Interactive POS, they are taking the recommendation of the store’s wine steward or local expert. They will love the product because you’re only using Interactive POS on high-value wines, the ones that taste better than their price suggests.

When the consumer returns to the store, consumers are confident that other wines with store-branded Interactive POS will offer the same value, so they may choose something else knowing the product will exceed expectations. If you have 15 placements with Interactive POS, you’ll sell much more product than you imagined. Everyone wins. The consumer, the retailer and you.

Create More Value For Your Retail Customers

Retailers are under pressure from internet sales, stiffer retail competition, and direct-to-consumer online sales. (See the Amazon Factor)

You can help your retailers create more success by implementing the Tier3 social-proof platform. Tier3 lets retailers “control the narrative” in the competitive world of wines and allows them to create a trusted relationship with their in-store shoppers with Web-Integrated Retailing.

Tier3 also allows retailers to sell-through greater volumes of your high-value products—and when your retailers grow more successful with your products, they will come back to you for more.

A New Value Offering to Retailers

Your Sales Reps can use Tier3 Interactive POS to increase sales and create “sticky placements”. You can think of Interactive POS as shelf-talkers on steroids. They work. And now they are easy to create and place in stores.

The Retailer can use these Interactive POS tags to improve their store’s brand. (See Social Proof) You can deliver a completely new value offering to help your customers improve their business by doing business with you.

Targeting by Wine DNA

When selling wine it’s important to know its DNA. The architect of brand identity “leading to brand relevance and value” is Derek Benham, owner of Purple Wine + Spirits.

The DNA of these brands was simple. The brand identity has to stand for a varietal, has to stand for a retail price point, has to stand for a source, and then lastly has to stand for a preferred sales channel.” – Derek Benham

Tier3 gives you the ability to target placements you’d like to win by Wine DNA. Read More

Then provide the wine along with the Social-Proof System of Interactive POS and related web pages that will generate product sell-through.

You can view every possible Wine DNA on the customer’s shelves and select each one as a DNA target for your placement. Then you can source the wine for that placement from your own book or let Tier3 know your target and we can connect you with a product that’s perfect for that placement.

Products on Shelves

At the risk of stating the obvious, most retailers set up their displays based on the DNA of the wine.

This makes it easy to identify placements you’d like to win. Select a target for placement then implement the Tier3 Social-Proof system. You can then present a complete story to your retail customer along with the Social-Proof system that will work to sell-through product.

You can customize the Interactive POS tags and the related web pages to tell the story of a great product. Your retail customer can modify the story and put their name on it. Shoppers can look to the Interactive POS for help on which wine to choose. The Retailer can create a trusted reference on wines they truly love. Being authentic means the customer will trust other Interactive POS tags in the store and will try those items as well.

Win, win, win. The customer wins, the retailer wins, and you win.

Sticky Placements

Tier3 Interactive POS placement are sticky.

When products sell-through, retailers keep buying. And products with Interactive POS on the shelf, sell-through.

If the wine in a placement is no longer available, or you simply need to change the product, you can easily switch the item in that placement.

You can update the Interactive POS and keep going with the different product. And the new product sells-through because you’re providing a great value wine along with the Interactive POS which continues to do its job of closing the sale.

Improve Product Sell-through

Tier3’s Interactive POS works because it sells product.

Customers are drawn to the shelf-talker content looking for a reason to buy. They find the Social-Proof they are looking for, then make the purchase.

You can expand your sales footprint on retail shelves by creating a “Store-recommended” selection of wine. Consumers WANT this. Consumers want guidance to discover great products that deliver real value.

Simply look at the most successful retailer and DTC businesses. They tell the “Story” and offer Social-Proof to their customers. It’s the way the world is working today.

Create Competitive Barriers to Placements

Now that you’ve made new placements, the competition can’t take your placements away because of the value you offer beyond simply selling the customer the wine. You’ve created a complete Social-Proof system and sell-through platform that works. Your placements are protected and you get a continuous flow of re-orders.

Sticky Relationships with Producers

Producers want distributors that help them sell-through product. With Tier3 you add sell-through value and producers will value the relationship with your distribution business because of it.

Business relationships that are good for both parties last, and Tier3 can create lasting relationships with your producers.

Everyone loves success. With Tier3, you can create success for your retail customers.