Showcase your brand in-stores and engage consumers at the moment of purchase.

The Wine Producers dilemma – how to make your products stand out at retail on a Wine Wall of 1,000 + selections?

Our 4-starWines Retailing Program can turbo charge your current sales turnover in existing retail channels – and – secure additional Discovery Brands placements.

It works with retailers to showcase select brands, leverage your digital assets,tell your story, build micro-local social proof and turn retailers into your evangelists through our 4+ Star rating program.

Stories are remembered 22 times more than facts alone. 

Story telling

Make sure your story is told at the moment of purchase. Become a partner with digital content focused on selling your products in retail. Signup now.

The Wine Wall and The Paradox of Choice


You see it every day.  Your
customers frustrated and
intimidated by what should
be a simple task – finding a
great bottle of wine at the
right price.


The number of wine brands available in many retail stores has exploded over the years.  Supermarkets and large independents often carry 1,000 to 2,000 SKUs.  And the large national Mega Stores (you know who they are) can carry up to 5,000 SKUs of products.
It would seem to make sense that more choice is better for your customers and will result in more sales for you.   However psychologists studying consumer behavior have demonstrated that too much choice is directly linked to lower purchases – hence The Paradox of Choice.

Discovery-Brands: The New Way

Using the Tier3 Discovery Brands Web-Integrated Retailing you can:

  • Secure incremental, high visibility retail placements.
  • Expand your distribution and retail footprint using Tier3 member distributors.
  • Enjoy a consistent source of retail demand driven orders.
  • Benefit from our Web-Integrated Retailing which promotes your brand in-store and on-line.
  • Become a value-added partner to retailers.

Learn more about the Discovery Brands Controlled Label Program below, or contact Tier3Global here.

Command Channel Attention

Sometimes it’s difficult to command distribution channel attention. But with Tier3 member distributors, you stand out. Here’s why:

  • You get compelling products with  “Social-Media Pedigrees
  • You get lined up with hundreds of Placement-Slots that create a continuous flow of orders.
  • Retail customers feature your product because of the channel sales support provide by the Tier3 sell-through platform.
  • Your product becomes part of a bigger placement solution sales reps are eager to sell.

Capturing "Mind-share"

Tier3 gives sales reps a compelling reason to sell your products. Using the Tier3 Interactive-POS, sales reps have their own compelling story to sell your products to their retail stores. With your content and story, the Reps can secure new placements for your products and the retailers can feature your products in their stores.

Sales reps love orders from customers. Orders come when products sell-through and more orders come with more customers and more placements. With Tier3 and your content, you give the sales reps just what they’re looking for, and that means you get their mind-share and you make more sales.

Stand out on Shelves

Now that you’ve convinced a sales rep to sell your products, the next step is to stand-out and get consumer attention.

Tier3’s Interactive-POS works great for this. And if the store rates and recommends your products, even better.

Consumer will read the Interactive-POS and in most cases, make the purchase. Some will scan  the QR code and read your story. Even better. See how Social-Proof works.

Alignment: Brand to Customer

Tier3 creates better channel alignment from you to your customers and delivers the right customers to the right brands.

New brands and products from any-sized producer will flow through the channel easily. This means your product winds up in the best possible placement location delivering the most value to all players in the process.

The Amazon Factor

Social Media and new ways to market are defining the future of wine sales. Discovery brands will rise in favor of big brands (See Big Brand Dilemma.)

And don’t forget the Amazon factor. Your retail channel will need to coexist with Amazon. Tier3 has developed a strategy to accomplish this and protect your retailers so they can sell more of your product.

Big Brands vs. Discovery Brands

Big Brands

  • Well known Name
  • 97 Pts in Big Media
  • Broadly distributed
  • Low Margin
  • Discounted by Retailer

Discovery Brands

  • Unknown Name
  • 4+ Stars in local reviews
  • Selectively distributed
  • High value, high margin
  • Featured by Retailer