Retailer Buyers want "Social-Proof" before they make a purchase.

Creating Trusted-Store-Value

Have you noticed consumers look for a product’s “star-rating” and reviews before deciding which item to buy?

This is called Social-Proof and it has changed everything.

The “new shopper” wants reviews from known experts and peers, not from paid, big corporate reviewers. They want to know “Brand Purpose”, “The Story” behind the product, and they want a positive brand experience.

With Tier3 you can give these buyers the digital social-proof they want and you can close the sale when they’re in your store.

Tell The Story

People want to know the story behind the products they are purchasing. They want to “discover” great value in unknown brands. See “Guided Showrooming”

By creating and displaying Store-branded Interactive-POS (Shelf Talkers) underneath selected products, you guide customers to the product’s story. This is where you can recommend the product for its value. YOU are the recommender and your store becomes the trusted ally in selecting great products.

There are some big and successful retailers doing this today. They do this because it works. Now you can do the same thing and can create a trusted-store-value that closes sales and brings shoppers back.

Store-branded (not product-branded) Point of Sale

Tier3’s Social Proof has two components:

      1. Interactive-POS shelf talker (table tent, etc.)
      2. Extended-Story web page served from the internet.

The Interactive-POS is an “on-demand” web-generated shelf talker that summarizes the value and contains a QR code that links to the Extended-Story web page. It’s branded with your store’s logo.

It’s easy to create and you control all of the content; what’s printed and what’s contained in the Extended-Story web page.


Your wine steward can communicate his/her opinion and star ratings on the products you wish to feature or your Tier3 sales rep can manage the Interactive-POS for you.

Your customers scans can the QR Code with their phone and views the Extended-Story web page that you control. The Extended-Story can display your review of the product, reviews by others, the winemaker’s story, or anything you wish to display. The default Extended-Story is prepared by the winery, but you can easily change it any way you wish.

The customer gets the digital-feedback they are looking for without the “buy it near me cheaper” web results. See “Guided Showrooming”.

Of course, only the best-value products are presented  with Interactive-POS  which builds confidence with your store. Buyers will come back for more. If you’re sourcing Tier3 products for these placements, you’ll also realized greater markups.