Strategy to Coexist With Amazon

We developed Tier3 Global to protect all members of the three-tier system by implementing the tenets of Best Buy’s Amazon Survival Strategy for producers, distributors, and retailers in the wine, beer, and spirits industry.

Using Tier3, industry players can work together to secure the future for their distribution channels—by aligning, streamlining, and reinforcing the entire distribution channels through easily-integrated platform modules, including our Interactive Shelf Talker System, Social-Selling Support System, and a Protected-Label Placement System.

The three tenets of the Tier3 System are improvements upon the originals, specifically fitted to the needs of the wine, beer, and spirits industry.

Focus on people first

    • Coexist with Amazon!
      Instead of competing with Amazon to sell big brands, use big-name brands and Tier3 Interactive Shelf Talkers to draw attention to higher-margined Tier3 Private/Protected-Label Product placements—and then ditch any brand that Amazon can beat you on price, before your customers brand you as “the store with worse prices than Amazon.”
    • Make monthly mailers work again!
      Instead of mass-emailing monthly promos and hoping they convert into retail sales—use the Tier3 Social Selling Support System to meaningfully integrate social media efforts of entire distribution chains into effective, engaging, socially-relevant retail experiences that seamlessly transition between retail sales and social media activity.
    • Build local retail consumer communities, around protected brands!
      Work with Tier3 Protected-Label Producers and earn better margins on sales, while introducing localized, lovable, sparsely found product placements that strengthen retail premise sales, can’t be found on Amazon, and inspire local-social discussion for your highest-margined wine placements.
    • Use smartphone-friendly Guided Showrooming, make retail shopping exciting again!
      Don’t make consumers search the open web to learn about your products—use Tier3 Interactive-POS Shelf Talkers to control the narrative by giving consumers what they’re looking for: a complete digital-product-wrapper of relevant product information, real local opinions, with  real, face-to-phone product reviews from real local consumers. Make it easy for consumers to use smartphones to give consumers the social proof they need.
    • Show customers that their voice matters!
      Use Tier3 Interactive Shelf Talkers and Intersocial Shopping Seminars to enhance the wine shopping experience at your retailers— conduct community taste tests and product polls, share community recipes and product pairings, collect private product reviews and publicize the best ones, and automate the integration of local social consensus into your wine-wall selections—all while maximizing sales volumes and consistency, by offering the high-margin products that local consumers of various locales enjoy buying the most.

Be invulnerable to Amazon—and stay invulnerable

  • Use big-name brands to make protected brands matter!
    Amazon is unbeatable. If the bottles on your shelves can be bought on Amazon, they will be bought on Amazon—and once that starts happening, it doesn’t stop. Before Amazon moves into your markets, use big-name brands to draw consumer attention towards Tier3 Protected-Label Product Placements. Then, use Tier3 Interactive Shelf Talkers and Intersocial Shopping Seminars to keep consumer attention on your higher-margined, protected-label placements—and after that, ditch the big-name brands that Amazon can beat your prices on, before they get the chance to start beating you.
  • Reintroduce the small-town local grocer spirit in your retail stores!
    Big-name brands go with big-name broadcast media—and protected brands go with local social media. See Big-Brand Dilemma. Instead of relying on TV commercials, celebrity endorsements, and newspaper ads, grow roots and fully integrate with your local communities. Use Tier3 Social Selling Support to create social fervor in your local communities and prove that you’re not just there to sell products—you’re there to sell the products your consumers love and help them find new favorites.
  • Build the wine wall consumers want!
    Morphing your wine-wall into a new higher margin display will insulate you from the Amazon effect and will create a selection you customers will love.
  • Use teamwork to make the dream work!
    Recognize the interdependent nature of the three-tier system, and understand that success is a three-tier operation that understand “sell-through” and “customer satisfaction” are paramount. Producers, distributors, and retailers can only succeed by working together, and must work together more, to attain more success. Use Tier3 to easily coordinate promotional efforts, social media strategies, and logistics among your entire distribution chain—and ensure that when one part of your distribution channel succeeds, all parts of your distribution channel succeed.