4-Star Retailing

Everyone understands the power of 4 Star & above ratings.

This is a powerful indicator of quality today.

Now retailers can bring this power inside retail locations to improve “buy it here” and “buy it now” sales.

4-StarWines is an integrated in-store and digital sales system  that helps you develop a more engaged relationship with your retail customers.

With the 4-StarWines “virtual wine steward” you can guide customers to spotlight brands you choose to promote in your store.

This could include undiscovered brands of exceptional value or quality (treasure hunt wines), your own store’s private label products, newly listed products, recommended wines-of-the-month or simply staff favorites.

Buyers get the Social-Proof they are looking for which creates trust in the store’s brand and brings buyers back in search of new discovery brands.

Private/Discovery Brand  Placement-Slots

Feature Your Staff Expert

Customers rely on your store to guide them to great products. Create a staff member that is your expert. This builds your store’s brand and underscores the value you bring to your local community.

Sell-through with Interactive-POS that works

You’ve seen the shelf-talkers in some of the most successful retail locations.

Tier3 point-of-sale items are Store branded (not product branded), and contain personalized reviews that tell the story of the wine and provide a snip-it of information. These work. They feature the best and highest margin products. Combine this with private and discovery label products and you can drive margins upwards of 35% and in some cases even 40%. Learn more

With Tier3 you can create or customize Interactive Shelf-talkers in an efficient and professional way. Tier3 has a complete digital-point-of-sale component that make it easy for you, your supplier or your staff to utilize these powerful tools. You can create your own story of the product or utilized the brand’s default story. You can place your store’s brand on the shelf talker and add a staff’s signature. If you wish, you can produce these items easily with hand-written fonts to make them even more personalize for your store or staff.

Make no mistake, the most successful retailers use this method because it works. Now you can get this sell-through power with the Tier3 retailer’s portal.

Backstory On A Smartphone

The customer may scan the QR code on the shelf-talker then view the backstory you’ve created for the wine. You may use the backstory provided by the supplier, or you may edit the story to match your own thoughts about the product.

On the back-story, you may also include links to the winery, the wine maker, social-media, video reviews along with links to your store’s regular website.

This is the social-proof content buyers are looking for.

Social Media at Work for You.

Use Tier3 in conjunction with your current social media activities and leverage your social media presence into sales.

Tier3 bridges-the-gap between “The on-line social media world” and “The in-store shopping experience” giving shoppers the assurance they’re seeking to “Buy It Local” and to “Buy It Now”.

This Also Works On-Premise

Table tents along with on-premise POS for private label and protected label items also work well in restaurants. Great products in private/protected labels keep your customers coming back to your chain restaurant locations.  You’ve got the wine offerings that customers want, specially matched to your menu. You can tell your story about the wines you’ve selected and how they complement your menu items. And your customers will never see your private/protected labels offered in a discount store down the street.

As a note, if you select a product for your chain’s menu, Tier3 can make certain you can get the product in all of your store locations in every state. You’re not dependent on single distributors in each state because Tier3 distributors will make certain you get the product you need in the state you need it.

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