How it works

Tier3 is a Global Platform that delivers technology functions and services to its members.

  • Product-to-Market Channel – Tier3 connects members in a chain-of-ownership to deliver products to retailers.
  • Professional Services – Tier3 can provide logistics services for each transaction processed. Learn More.
  • Platform for Your Customers – Tier3 members get a Branded Platform to communicate with their trading partners and customers. Learn More.

Product-to-Market Channel

Tier3 “Snaps together” the players and the corresponding electronic “paper-work”to get product to market. We can also provide professional logistic services to make sure products arrive at customer’s locations, quickly and through the best possible route.

All of this activity is visible on-line to the involved parties of the transaction so all players can see the real-time details of the transactions as they move through the process.

Details, please.

The U.S. three-tier system requires ownership change for products as they move through the channel. Tier3 facilitates this by building the proper transaction connections among the participating businesses.

Flow of Goods: Producer to Retailer

Goods flow through the process from the Producer Importer Distributor Retailer. If the product is domestic, the Importer is not part of the chain.

Digital Chain-of-Ownership

Ownership is handled by a series of linked Sales Orders to Purchase Orders, owned by the appropriate businesses. These records are visible to the appropriate parties in the Chain-of-Ownership.

Actual Chain-of-Custody

Tier3 Logistics staff makes certain the product flows through the correct Chain-of-Custody from start to finish for each transaction. Any of the involved parties may view the progress of the shipment in the Tier3 membership portal.