Platform Business Services

Tier3 can provide a web-based business execution platform for your selling and fulfillment activity.

This is a private platform that allows you to operate your key business functions around product inventory, sales and fulfillment.  It’s all web-based and available to access from anywhere by your sales rep, back office staff and customers.

You can fulfill from your own warehouse or utilize a Tier3 member warehouse to store your products and perform fulfillment activities.

You can easily integrate with Tier3 Distribution Services as well, so what you have is a comprehensive platform and single point of management for all of your different selling channels.


Tier3 can provide Platform Hosting and Services:

  • Sales Rep Web Portal
    • Sales Order entry
    • Order tracking
    • Customer Sales History
    • Product Tech Sheets
    • Product POS on demand
  • Back Office Staff Web Portal
    • Sales Order entry
    • Order tracking
    • Customer Sales History
    • Invoice creation
    • Product Tech Sheet Management
    • Product POS Management
    • Inventory control
    • Shipment interface to warehouse
  • Warehousing Storage Services
    • Cases/Pallet storage
    • Shipment Orders
    • Order Tracking
    • Climate controlled, fully refrigerated warehouse
    • 24/7 Secured camera surveillance system
    • Online inventory management for your owned products
    • Online order entry and shipping
    • Managed by a seasoned warehouse staff
  • Retail Shipments (in some states) and Samples Fulfillment Services
    • Sales order tracking
    • Services billing management
    • Invoice management
    • Tracking by Rep
    • Tracking by Product
    • Tracking by Sampling location
  • Direct to Consumer Fulfillment from your stored inventory
    • Consumers can place orders
    • Consumers can see their order history
    • Consumers can track their orders
    • Consumers can store their wine in a secured, chilled warehouse
  • Wine Club Fulfillment Services
    • Online portals for Wine Club Members
    • Select POS integrations
  • Wine Club Portal
    • Your wine club members can see shipment status

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Tier3 also provides distribution services for producers. Learn More.