Tier3 Provides Producers With:

A network of discount distributors

  • Tier3 member distributors can get your products to any location in the USA.

Access to more markets

  • Our Tier3 sales agents and member brokers can align your product with the best retailers.

Digital Social Proof

  • Buyers today want digital-social-proof to guide their purchases. Tier3 creates complete solutions for private/controlled labeled products that include the product back-story, star-ratings, producer’s story and reviews along with the DigitalPOS (shelf talkers) that gives the buyers the social proof they’re looking for. Learn More

Distribution at a Discount

Large producers can deliver new brands and private labels through Tier3 and smaller producers can become aligned with Tier3 distributors who will open new opportunities for their products.

In most cases, Tier3 member distributors can deliver better results at a discounted rate.

Capturing "Mind-share"

Lining up distribution in all of your target markets can be tricky.  You may find it easy to get a distributor to handle your product in a handful of states but getting broad coverage in many to all states is next to impossible. Getting coverage where the sales people are actually motivated to sell your product is even harder.

Sometimes chain customers insist on having your product in each state where they are located.  If you can’t provide product in all desired states, you lose the entire sale, not just the un-serviced states.

You may have terrific national reviews but can’t get your product into the states where people are reading your reviews.  More lost sales. More lost opportunity for expansion.

Tier3 can get you coverage everywhere you want to be. One-stop, one-channel, unlimited possibilities.


We operate with a seamless platform that coordinates all of the logistics and digital-chain-of-custody through licensed participants while eliminating margin-burning multi-step handling of your product to the customer. All of this efficiency can deliver greater margins to you and your retail customers.

Alignment: Brand to Customer

Tier3 creates better channel alignment from you to your customers and delivers the right customers to the right brands. Because Tier3 “snaps-together” transactions based on customer demand and desire for your product; not simply what happens to be in the warehouse that has been assigned to the sales rep.

New brands and products from small producers flow through the channel just as easily as the big brands. This means product winds up in the best possible placement location delivering the most value to all players in the process.

Alignment: Sales Rep to Brand

Tier3 supports the Sales Reps with access to many, many brands. The Reps can create their own “specialty books” to sell products where the Reps have special and deep product knowledge. Reps can assemble the product “books” and, as part of that, have linked web access to all of the material to support the selling effort including reviews, spec-sheets, tasting sheets and digital POS.

The Reps may also create customized “Books” for each of their clients, so a complete product portfolio may be presented to the client addressing all of the products that may fit in each of the client’s current placements. The means the client always has the option to quickly find products to replace his existing product placements. Advantage: Tier3 Sales Rep.

No Channel-Clog

People have only so much mental band-width to understand and sell products. Distributors know this. You can only have a certain number of SKUs that you can train your sales rep to sell. Beyond an optimum number of products, the sales rep simply doesn’t have the band-width to sell yet another $17 bottle of Pinot.

So, what happens to your superior $17 bottle of Pinot? Not much. You can’t get it into the channel because of Channel-Cram. There is simply not band-width to train the reps and gain new placements.

Tier3 works in a completely different way. We provide access to any sales rep in the platform for any product. That means your product can be sold by as few as one sales rep, upwards of thousands of sales reps. These sales reps understand the value you offer and know the customers and placements where it belongs.  No need to convince a distributor to pick-up your entire line. Simply make the product available in Tier3 and connect with the reps who can sell it.


Tier3 also provides operational services for producers. Learn More.

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